Stop relying on manual calculation! Whether you’re a business owner or planning personal expenses and are unsure how to add or remove VAT from a given amount, our South African VAT Calculator will instantly find you the exact VAT-inclusive or exclusive value with a click of a button.

South African VAT Calculator

South African VAT Calculator

How much is the VAT rate in South Africa?

The Value-added Tax (VAT) is an indirect tax on the consumption of goods and services in South Africa. To collect revenue for the government, certain businesses are required to register themselves for VAT and charge it on their taxable supplies. The current VAT rate in South Africa is 15% according to the official SARS website. To check the history of VAT rates in South Africa visit this Page.

How to use the VAT Calculator?

Removing or Adding VAT

Calculating VAT in South Africa by using our calculator is super easy! You just have to enter the price from which you want to remove or add the VAT in the enter amount box and click one of the two buttons to calculate the result instantly. The Green button is for ‘ADD VAT’ and the Red button is for ‘Remove VAT.

  • Enter amount
  • Enter VAT rate of 15%
  • Click to ADD or Subtract VAT

Benefits of VAT Calculator

  • Fast and accurate calculation
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Time-saving: Instant calculation with just a few clicks
  • Reliable data sources ensure precise results
  • Free of cost
  • Work both as VAT remover and adder

VAT Calculation Formula

VAT can be calculated in two ways: by adding/inclusive VAT or by removing/exclusive VAT.

Adding / Including VAT Formula

This method is used when adding VAT to a sale amount where the price does not include VAT.

1. VAT Amount = Original Price ✕ VAT rate/100

2. VAT Incl value = original price + VAT amount OR using Direct formula VAT Inclusive value = Original price ✕ (1+ VAT rate/100)

For example, if you’re importing shoes for your VAT-registered business located in Cape Town for R100,000, then the VAT amount will be:

VAT Amount = shoes price ✕ VAT rate/100 = 100,000✕15/100 = R5000

VAT Inclusive value = 100,000✕ (1+15/100)=R115,000

To make it simpler and easier, multiply the original price by 0.15 to find the VAT amount, and to find the VAT-inclusive value multiply the original price by 1.15.

Removing / Reversing VAT Formula

This method is used when the original price has VAT added, and we have to find how much VAT is added or the price exclusive of VAT. For reverse VAT calculation:

1. VAT Amount = Original Price ✕ VAT rate∕(100+VAT rate)

2. VAT exclusive value = Original price ✕ 100/(100+ VAT rate)

For example, if you want to remove VAT from 2500 Rand using the formula, then:

VAT Amount = 2500 ✕ 15/(100+15) = R326

VAT exclusive value = 2500✕100/(100+15)=R2173

To make it simpler and easier, multiply the original price by 0.13 to find the VAT amount, and to find the VAT-EXCLUSIVE value divide the original price by 1.15. Instead of performing manual calculations use our advanced Online SA VAT Calculator.

Zero-rated and VAT Exempt Products and Services in South Africa

Zero-rated Products and Services

Zero-rated means that these goods and services are technically within the VAT system, but the VAT applied is 0%.

  • International Exports
  • Basic food items (bread, maize meal, milk powder, etc)
  • Goods subject to fuel levy (petrol, diesel)
  • Farming inputs (seeds, fertilizer)
  • Sales of going concerns (businesses), certain govt grants
  • International transport services

VAT Exempt Products and Services

These goods and services are completely outside the scope of VAT. They are not subject to any VAT charge at all.

  • Non-fee-related financial services
  • Educational services (approved institutions)
  • Residential rental accommodation
  • Public road and rail transport

Zero-Rated VAT Food Items in South Africa

N0.Dried beansRice
2Pilchards/sardinella in tinsEdible legumes and pulses of leguminous plants
3Milk powderVegetable Oil
4Dairy powder blendEggs
5Cultured milkBrown wheaten meal
6Brown breadMilk
7Maize mealSamp
8Mealie rice
9Dried mealies

In conclusion, this South African VAT calculator is the most advanced and error-free. Whether you are a business owner, a consumer planning personal expenses, or an importer/exporter, you can use it. It can function as both a VAT remover and VAT adder, providing instant results and saving you precious time. It ensures compliance with the South African Tax system and undergoes regular review by financial experts. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the use of our calculator or facing any issues, feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The standard VAT of 2024 in South Africa is 15% on most products and services.

To calculate VAT, multiply the original price by 0.15 and add it to your original price. To avoid any calculation error and to save time using our VAT Calculator is highly recommended.

VAT is a value-added tax on goods and services, while income tax is a tax applied to business profit.

The price exclusive of VAT can be converted to the price inclusive of VAT by using the formula: VAT Inclusive value = Price exclusive ✕ (1+ VAT rate/100)

The three types of VAT are 1. Standard-rated VAT 2. Zero-rated VAT 3. Exempt VAT

To calculate VAT in Excel, use this formula: “=Price * VAT Rate”. Price is the cost of the product and the VAT Rate is 15%=0.15

To add VAT to a price multiply the original price by 1.15 for a 15% Vate rate

In Mathematics, to find the VAT rate multiply the original price by 0.15 for a 15% VAT rate, then add the resulting amount to the original price.

To work out VAT backward, multiply the original price (VAT inclusive price) by 1.15 for a 15% VAT in South Africa. Then, subtract the original price from the result to obtain the VAT amount.

A VAT vendor is a legally recognized business in South Africa registered for Value Added Tax (VAT). As a VAT vendor, business is authorized to to levy and gather VAT on taxable transactions involving goods or services.

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